In 2023, ITN Business produced and launched over 30 programmes and 280 films, working in collaboration with hundreds of organisations from all over the globe — on topics ranging from renewable energy and AI robots, to food banks and satellites.

We’ve partnered with businesses across all the key sectors, to help them share their inspiring stories and how they’re bringing positive change to their industry and the wider community.

As 2023 draws to a close, we reflect on some of the stand-out moments of the last 12 months.

Here are just a few highlights from an extraordinary year of programme-making…

1. Working Together: To Tackle Cancer — for World Cancer Day, February 4, 2023.

This eye-opening programme, which launched on World Cancer Day, February 4th, showcased the developments and challenges faced by some of the leading cancer charities in the UK. It highlighted medical advances of organisations in the sector and shared first-hand accounts of the impact cancer has on those living with it.

Sarah Collins, Senior Producer, on working on the programme: What struck me most was the sheer determination by all the charities and clients involved, to work collaboratively to improve outcomes for cancer patients. It opened my eyes to the incredible advancements and innovations in this area, which with the help of research, are continuously improving. 

The sheer passion of the professionals and the journeys told by the storytellers we interviewed were admirable and I was glad to help in raising awareness of this incredibly important field.

2. Global Gamechangers — for International Women’s Day, March 8, 2023

Our Global Gamechangers programme showcased powerful stories of women across business, sport and the arts who are advancing gender equality by shaking things up in their field.

Hosted by Louise Minchin, broadcast journalist and author of Fearless: Adventures with Extraordinary Women, the programme included interviews with Donna Fraser, paralympic sailor Alexandra Rickham, and several world-class athletes.


3. Cities of the Future  — launched 31st October, 2023.

This programme had an exciting launch at the Net Zero Festival in London, where ITN Business showcased a highlights film and led a panel discussion which featured guests Hannah Giddings, Head of Resilience and Nature, UK Green Building Council and Andrew Carter, Chief Executive, Centre for Cities.


Sarah Collins, Senior Producer: “The first project of its kind for ITN Business, ‘Cities of the Future‘ looked at the built environment in regard to climate change and urbanisation, and how our cities need to adapt and thrive in the future. Working on this programme really opened my eyes to what the world could look like if we don’t address climate change now, and the issues and solutions needed so that cities remain habitable. The podcast brought together guests from key organisations working in this field.”

4. AI and Big Data: A Force for Good — launched December 1, 2023

Our AI & Big Data programme explored AI’s transformative capabilities, and where and how it can create a positive impact. The programme covered everything from healthcare advancements and environmental sustainability, to enhanced defence and security, as well as the importance of ethical and responsible AI development.



Alex Annett, Senior Producer: “Artificial Intelligence is a red hot topic at the moment so it was great to speak to a lot of people who have been working in AI for years and are now seeing it in the headlines. We were lucky to partner with The Alan Turing Institute which is the UK’s national institute for AI and we interviewed their Chief Scientist Professor Mark Girolami.

Professor Mark Girolami

“He is an amazingly bright and enthusiastic man and the sort of person that can instantly make a connection with anyone, young or old. A great spokesman on the subject of AI, he talked about the good and the bad. He included a great reference to ‘autonomous vehicles full of marauding robots’, yet was definitely on-topic with his view that with proper legislation and when left in the right hands, AI can indeed be a force for good.”

5. Sustainable Solutions Towards Net Zero  — launched 29th November, 2023.

This programme showcased how businesses can contribute to a greener future; explored the innovative technologies and solutions helping organisations achieve net zero emissions and shared the different ways businesses are adopting circular economy practices. The programme, which launched at the start of COP28, featured inspiring stories capturing the journey of the businesses that have become sustainability champions.

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