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The Baltimore bridge disaster: Exploring the aftermath

On March 26, a Singapore-flagged container ship collided with Baltimore's Francis Scott Key bridge, causing the structure to snap and collapse into the Patapsco River, resulting in the tragic death of six people.

Leveraging AI to bridge educational inequalities

In our April guest post, Beverly Clarke, a TechWomen100 Award winner, education consultant, and author explores the potential role of AI in bridging educational inequalities.

World Autism Day: How can we embrace neurodiversity in the workplace?

Tuesday 2nd April marks World Autism Day, a day to celebrate the diverse experiences and unique perspectives of individuals on the autism spectrum.

How organisations are working to bridge the digital divide

An estimated 3 billion people remain digitally unconnected from the rest of the world; a limitation that affects everything from health and education, to gender equality and sustainability.

Transforming Logistics: Precision and Purpose

The logistics sector is the backbone to industry and plays a critical role in ensuring smooth business operations, which in turn supports the economy to grow. The logistics and supply chain sector has seen many challenges in recent years from…

British Science Week launches for 2024: Here's how to get involved

British Science Week, formerly known as the National Science and Engineering Week, is now underway, with events taking place across the country from the 8th to 17th March. Here's what's happening and how to get involved. 

Diversity holds key to unlocking cybersecurity skills gap

Diversity in the cybersecurity sector is an important and complex issue, but building a more inclusive and effective cyber security workforce is crucial to tackling growing cyber threats effectively. A recent study by the World Economic Forum shows that 59%…

ITN Business' Emily Kidner gives talk at former school for International Women's Day

ITN Business’ Operations Director, Emily Kidner, was asked to give a talk at her former secondary school for this year’s International Women’s Day. Here, she tells us how it went… I’ve been part of the ITN Business team for 10…

Celebrating World Book Day: Our team's most memorable reads

In celebration of World Book Day, Thursday 7th March, the ITN Business team share their most loved and memorable reads.  As human beings, we love stories and storytelling. Books, whether works of fiction or non-fiction, invite us into unique worlds,…

Feeding the nation: Why more women are turning to farming

Recent statistics reveal that women now make up a third of Britain’s farmers, marking a significant shift in the traditionally male-dominated industry. It’s a testament to the growing recognition of women’s pivotal role in agriculture and the concerted efforts to…