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National Blood Week 2024: How to support the NHS by donating blood

As National Blood Week 2024 kicked off, the NHS launched an urgent appeal for O blood-type donors, following a cyber-attack that impacted a number of London's largest hospitals. 

Seven years on from the Grenfell fire tragedy: Changes to fire safety

Seven years on, we examine the positive changes in fire safety that have come about since the Grenfell Fire tragedy of 2017.

Redefining Later Living

The UK has an ageing population, and by 2030 one in five people will be 65 and over*. The generation already at, or approaching retirement age are the Baby Boomers, currently age 60 – 78.  They were the generation to…

Future of Farming: Cultivating Resilience

Farming faces a multitude of challenges that impact productivity, sustainability and profitability. The impacts of climate change necessitate a shift from traditional farming practices to regenerative agriculture. ITN Business’ news-style programme, ‘Future of Farming: Cultivating Resilience’ will explore how the…

Advancing Aviation

Advancing Aviation is ITN Business' latest in-depth news-style programme exploring the pivotal role of aviation in shaping the future of the UK, and the brilliant minds and breakthrough technologies that are redefining the sector.

Positive stories of the week: Teachers' wellbeing boosted by 'minimal cost' measures

Scientists have landed on a new, energy-efficient and inexpensive method of capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) directly from the air.

Vaccines: Protecting Global Health

A landmark study has revealed that global immunisation endeavours have saved an estimated 154 million lives over the past 50 years*.

Key AI and Big Data summits and events in 2024

AI has become a major topic of discussion and a host of AI conferences are emerging each year to provide a platform for carrying on these discussions.

Which UK cities are most attractive for investors?

A new report shows that in order for cities to attract investment, they should harness the power of their culture - which is the most significant driver of online conversations around cities.

Responsible, Sustainable, Essential Minerals

It is perhaps easy to overlook the vital importance of essential minerals in everyday life. Examples include the construction aggregates, asphalt, cement and concrete used to build our homes, hospitals and schools together with the transport and energy infrastructure we…