This World Nurse’s Day, Sunday 12 May, we honour and celebrate our incredible nurses — often hailed as heroes for their unwavering commitment, dedication, and compassion; supporting and comforting those in need, every hour of every day.

Our nurses are more than medical experts; these men and women are set apart by their humanity, kindness, and empathy; for the reassurance they provide in times of uncertainty; their steady presence in moments of chaos, and the hope they bring to patients and families facing adversity.

To mark World Nurse’s Day, we take a moment to applaud the brilliantly dedicated and inspiring UK nurses — of which there are now nearly 750,000 registered by the NMC— who work tirelessly day in and day out to make a difference to the lives of others.

Our film below, which featured as part of the NHS’s 75th birthday celebrations, captured the essence of how people in the UK feel towards the NHS’s extraordinary medical staff who change and save lives.

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Nurses deal with long work hours and irregular shifts, many choosing to work nights, weekends, and holidays to ensure round-the-clock patient care.

From the COVID pandemic to staffing shortages and resource constraints, UK nurses have stood firm through a period of unprecedented challenges; demonstrating resilience, strength, and unwavering resolve. They’ve adapted to change with agility, and continue to deliver exceptional care with grace and dignity.

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Our upcoming programme: Advancing Healthcare

Since the UK healthcare system was founded in 1948, much has changed, with shifts in staffing, population lifespans and disease burden creating significant pressure on the system. Innovation and technological breakthroughs have been the golden thread that have driven the healthcare system forward.

Advancing Healthcare, will explore the organisations who are reshaping healthcare delivery, helping to improve patient outcomes, improving healthcare inequalities and enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare system. Also sharing how technology will continue to be essential in overcoming the challenges being faced to deliver high quality care sustainably.

There are commercial opportunities for leading organisations at the forefront of technological innovation in healthcare to be featured in the programme and spearhead their own news item. If your organisation wants to share what you stand for and be part of this important conversation, please contact our Programming Directors Rams Bdesha and Isabella Sharp.