Melanoma is currently the fifth most common form of cancer in the UK, and the nation’s most rapidly-increasing type, with over 16,700 new cases each year. But nearly 90% of melanomas are preventable.

To raise awareness of melanoma and to challenge myths and misconceptions around the rapidly growing health condition, ITN Business has produced a new podcast series, in partnership with Melanoma Focus, a UK charity that provides guidelines and resources for patients, carers, and medical professionals.

All three episodes of the ‘Living with Melanoma‘ podcast series, hosted by Imogen Cheese and Yam Sumbwanyambe, are now live. Take a listen.

All three episodes unpack common myths that persist around skin cancer, featuring people with real, lived experiences of melanoma, as they share their own unique stories, insights and experiences alongside melanoma professionals and experts.

Here’s a quick breakdown of each episode:

Episode One: Living with & Life After


  • Michelle Richardson: Living with melanoma
  • Willie Munro: Living with melanoma
  • Jackie Hodgetts: Nurse Consultant, Head of Melanoma Focus Helpline Service, and Trustee of Melanoma Focus

Highlights of the discussion in episode one include:

  • Impacts on patients and families;
  • The challenges and emotional toll of a melanoma diagnosis extend beyond the patient, affecting the entire family.
  • Importance of understanding and addressing these wide-ranging impacts.

Episode Two: Skin Tone


  • Carole: Living with melanoma
  • Professor Catherine Harwood: Consultant Dermatologist
  • Doctor Suchitra Chinthapalli: Consultant Dermatologist

Highlights of the discussion in episode two include:

  • How skin tone can impact disease presentation and diagnosis
  • Carole’s experience of Acral Lentiginous Melanoma
  • UV protection for various skin tones

Episode Three: Myth Busting & Prevention


  • Leah Roach: living with melanoma
  • Jaime Nobbs: Skin Cancer Nurse Specialist
  • Susanna Daniels: Melanoma Focus CEO

Highlights of the discussion in episode three include:

  • Melanoma is highly preventable; Wear a broad-spectrum high-factor sunscreen and reapply regularly; shade/clothing
  • Melanoma can affect all ages and is fairly common in younger people. It is the second and third most common cancer in males and females respectively, between 15-44 years of age in England (ONS)
  • Know your skin and contact your GP if you notice any changes in existing moles/lesions or a new mole/lesion

Our new podcast series is sponsored by funding from MSD and has been reviewed by MSD for factual accuracy only. MSD has had no input on content and ITN has retained full editorial control.

Based on a recent survey commissioned by Melanoma Focus

BT Tower shines a light on melanoma awareness

Coinciding with the podcast launch, London’s BT Tower, which stands tall at 189 meters, and is a prominent feature of the capital’s skyline, will be lit up featuring a rolling Melanoma Awareness Month message.​​

The iconic Tower will serve as a beacon of awareness throughout the day, Thursday 30 May, drawing attention to the critical importance of early detection and prevention of melanoma.

The initiative aims to reach thousands of Londoners and visitors, sparking conversations and encouraging proactive health measures, to reduce the incidence of melanoma through increased public awareness and education.

The BT Tower in London.