A new film produced by ITN Business launches in UK cinemas today, 10th April, revealing fresh insights from Boots No7 scientists into the accumulative effect of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays on our skin, and what we can do to help address visible signs of sun damage.

In the two-minute film, which promotes the relaunch of Boots No7’s Future Renew Serum, three real women come together with No7 Senior Scientist, Dr Ellie Bradley, to discuss skin changes and how these affect their confidence; explore common misconceptions around skin ageing; and discover new insights on the power of skincare in treating sun-damaged skin.

As the women sit down for tea and cake in the sunshine (filmed in London’s beautiful Fulham Palace Gardens), Dr Ellie shares the findings of No7’s new scientific research, which reveals how sun exposure accounts for up to 80% of the visible signs of skin damage.  

In the film, Dr Ellie explains to the women how visible signs of ageing — such as fine lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness, dullness, and uneven skin tone — are largely the accumulative effect of mini incidental exposures to UVA, which we have in everyday life, and build up over the course of many decades.

Watch the two-minute film, now showing in UK cinemas.

Sun exposure is the number one cause of skin ageing, but this occurs all throughout the year; not just in summer, or from long days on the beach. Our unprotected skin will absorb UVA rays even on cloudy days, in brief moments when we’re in the garden, walking the dog, doing the school run, or nipping to the shops. (UVA, unlike UVB, is almost everywhere, making up to 95% of UV radiation, even penetrating windows and cloud cover.)

Over time, the sun’s UVA rays damage the fibres in our skin called elastin, which can lead to skin sagging, stretching and loss of elasticity.  

When we talk about sun damage, it’s not just those sunny days that you have to think about, it’s all those mini exposures that you might have had to the sun that build up over time,” Dr Ellie explains in the film.

“Just think, those times you’ve forgotten to put SFP on and gone for a dog walk or been out in the garden… all of these things can build up over time and cause visible signs of skin damage.”

Dr Ellie also shares how new research from No7 shows that the Future Renew Serum can help reverse visible signs of sun damage, and together with the SPF 50 Defence Shield, can help to prevent damage — hence the campaign’s tagline, ‘Don’t Regret, Reverse and Protect’.

The film was produced by the same ITN Business team that was behind the 2023 launch film for Future Renew Serum, which also starred Dr Ellie discussing skin ageing openly and candidly with real women. 

A one minute version of the 2024 film has also been produced, as well as other social media edits which will be shared later this month.

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