In our weekly good news round-up, we feature three positive stories from across the week that showcase incredible innovation, significant breakthroughs, and exciting progress within the realms of healthcare, climate and sustainability, equity and inclusion, workplace wellbeing, social impact and more.

Here are our favourite positive stories of the week, 10 to 16 June, 2024.

1. Patagonia opens new clothing repair centre in London that employs refugees

Outdoor apparel brand Patagonia has furthered its mission to clean up the clothing industry by opening a new repair centre in London this week.

The US clothing giant, which has long advocated DIY repairs instead of buying new, has collaborated with Amsterdam-based United Repair Centre on an initiative that trains and employs refugees to help repair damaged clothing. The two have now also joined forces with ethical garment makers Fashion-Enter, an award-winning social enterprise.

The ‘United Repair Centre’ opened on Wednesday in the London borough of Haringey, safeguarding 15 UK jobs, and employing people facing barriers to employment. They’ll initially repair clothes for Patagonia’s UK customers, with three more brands set to join the initiative over the coming year.

This innovative scheme aligns with Patagonia’s commitment to environmental stewardship and social justice, offering a practical solution to reduce waste while supporting vulnerable communities.

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2. Netflix show Bridgerton boosts UK economy by £275m

Netflix’s Bridgerton, the romantic Regency-era drama — which has just dropped its third series — has boosted the UK economy by £275m over the course of five years, according to the streaming site.

Netflix claims the popular series — known for its elaborate corsets and steamy sex scenes — has driven significant economic activity by employing over 5,000 businesses, many of which are local to the areas where filming takes place.

UK businesses have been used for costume design, set construction, and catering, with local tailors, craftsmen, and small vendors particularly benefiting from the high demand for period-specific costumes and props. Bridgerton‘s global popularity has also boosted tourism and interest in related products and experiences, bringing further benefits to a diverse range of businesses​.


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3. Wildlife park celebrates breeding success with lemurs

A British wildlife park has celebrated its 70th lemur breeding success in a week of important fundraising to help save the endangered primates. Cotswold Wildlife Park, near Burford, Oxfordshire, announced the birth of ring-tailed lemur twins last week.

The park has undertaken several measures to protect endangered primates and participates in international breeding programs aimed at conserving threatened species.

Cotswolds park is the only zoological collection in the world to have bred the critically endangered Greater Bamboo Lemur in the last 12 months, and is responsible for running or monitoring the ESB/EEP (European Endangered Species Programme) of the Black and White Ruffed Lemur, Red Breasted Goose, European Spoonbill, Yellow Mongoose, Prevost’s Squirrel and Mount Omei Babbler.

Lemurs are among the world’s most endangered mammals, with 95% of species threatened with extinction.

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