In our weekly ‘good news round-up’, we feature three positive stories from across the week that showcase incredible innovation, significant breakthroughs, and exciting progress within the realms of healthcare, climate and sustainability, equity and inclusion, workplace wellbeing, social impact and more.

Read on to celebrate positive work in action, from our industry partners and inspirational businesses all around the globe…

  1. M&S invests £1 million in tackling methane 

British retailer Marks & Spencer has revealed it’s investing £1 million in tackling its carbon emissions by changing the diet of the dairy cows that provide its milk.

The company is working with all the farmers in its supply base to reduce the 11,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions produced each year by cattle burps and manure.

M&S is setting up a £1m accelerator fund for its project Plan A, and working with suppliers to find new ways of achieving net zero carbon emissions.

By giving the cows a feed supplement derived from mineral salts and a byproduct of fermented corn, the animals’ digestive enzymes are prevented from producing methane — thereby reducing the carbon footprint of its fresh milk by 8.4%.

On the company’s net zero aspirations and commitment to innovation, M&S chief executive Stuart Machin said: “By turning our obsession with innovation towards climate change and tapping into the entrepreneurial spirit of our suppliers, we can turbo charge our drive to be a net zero business across all our operations and entire supply chain by 2040. I’m excited by the big difference these small changes could make to some of the toughest climate challenges we face.”

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2. Live events company Sela launches revolutionary shirts to help deaf fans ‘hear’ a Premier League game

Innovative live events company Sela debuted its ‘game-changing’ (literally) new haptic shirts last week, allowing deaf fans to experience a Premier League matchday atmosphere and feel the roar of the crowd like never before.

The specially-designed, sensory shirts use innovative technology that turns sound into touch, allowing people to feel the noise of the atmosphere of the stadium.

Watch the ‘Unsilence the Crowd’ campaign video featuring lifelong Newcastle fans, Ryan and David.

Watch the campaign film on YouTube

Sela also donated its front-of-shirt logo placement and pitch-side advertising rights to deaf and hearing loss charity RNID, which supports the 12 million people in the UK who are deaf, have hearing loss or tinnitus.

The event marked the first time a hearing loss charity has been promoted on the front of a Premier League club’s kit.

Momentum is gathering in offshore wind

News broke this week that installations of wind energy infrastructure were up 50% last year compared to 2022, making 2023 a record year for the industry globally. According to analysis by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), 117GW of new capacity was installed in 54 countries.

The wind industry needs to triple its annual growth from a level of 117 GW in 2023 to at least 320 GW by 2030 in order to meet the COP28 targets.

The wind industry is entering a new era of accelerated growth — despite turbulent economic times — driven by increased political ambition, manifested in the historic COP28 target to triple renewable energy by 2030.

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