In the UK, nearly a million people are engaged in apprenticeships, marking a significant opportunity for individuals to embark on lifelong careers right at the start of their working lives.

Today, apprenticeships have evolved to offer more than ever before. They are not only a valuable avenue for newcomers to gain work experience, but also an opportunity for individuals to pursue a degree while working. Furthermore, apprenticeships have become a compelling option for up-skilling or transitioning to new roles, with 45% of new apprentices being over the age of 25. ‘Apprenticeships: Pathway to Success’ will demonstrate how apprenticeships are a key gateway for lifelong careers, education, and skills development.

There are opportunities for leading companies to be featured in the programme and spearhead their own news items. We’re looking for organisations at the forefront of developments to take part and share their story. If this seems relevant to your work in the industry, then please contact Jamie Connolly or Tamsin Luck.