Apprenticeships: Pathway to Success

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The Big Apprentice Meet Up

An apprenticeship can be a gateway to a life-long career but is also an opportunity for upskilling or retraining. The number of people taking up apprenticeships is growing with nearly half of all apprentices aged 25 or over.
Networking is an important opportunity for apprentices to speak to peers and build connections. We visited the Big Apprentice Meet Up at London’s Guildhall, hosted by the Association of Apprentices, and spoke with some recent apprentices to find out why events like this are so important.

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Acquiring new skills and knowledge

Apprenticeships offer on-the-job training and qualifications, benefiting both employers and employees positively. B&Q's apprenticeships provide over 40 programmes, designed to attract a diverse range of individuals. They aim to create an environment for personal growth, while acquiring new skills and knowledge through nationally recognised qualifications.

Driving growth, creativity and innovation

At the core of DHL Supply Chain's ethos is a commitment to investing in its people. Alongside an array of available upskill training, the company’s endless apprenticeship and graduate opportunities drive growth, creativity and innovation throughout the business, and support the development of its young talent.

Earn while you learn

There are many different routes to a career in law and opting for an apprenticeship is one of them. Gowling WLG is a legal firm that understands the value of apprenticeships as a viable alternative to attending university. Their programmes offer people an opportunity to "earn while you learn" gaining professional qualifications and practical experience without the financial burden of significant debt.

Remarkable retails careers

Apprenticeships are an effective way to encourage the next generation into the retail industry, building exciting remarkable retails careers. Not only from starting out but also for people wanting a career change. Marks and Spencer is providing their apprentices with the right tools and support to help further their careers in the industry.

Promising and broad career opportunities

As the UK faces constant pressure to boost housing construction, delays in the release of new homes is likely to become reality without the development of key roles within roofing. NFRC, The National Federation of Roofing Contractors, promotes apprenticeships in roofing to attract fresh talent, highlighting the viability and long-term prospects of a career in the sector. Ruth Scarrott, Head of Careers at NFRC, discusses this and explores why the roofing sector presents such promising and broad career opportunities.

An inclusive and diverse future

WTW believes early career entrants are the succession pipeline for the future, and is changing its approach to recruitment to attract more diverse applicants to its growing apprenticeship scheme. Its aim is to make the route into financial services more accessible, in turn creating a more inclusive and diverse future for the sector.

Thought leaders

Supporting the apprentice and the employer

With almost one million apprentices in the UK an apprenticeship can offer a key route into an industry. Emily Rock, CEO at the Association of Apprentices and Apprentice Joseph Lennox share how important support is to both the apprentice and the employer.

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How UCAS is supporting apprenticeships

A degree apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to gain a degree while getting industry experience and a salary. Pete Milsom, Partnerships Manager for Apprenticeships at UCAS explains the difference between a degree and a degree apprenticeship, why people should consider them and how to apply today.

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Why apprenticeships are important to scale ups

In 2021 there were over 28 thousand scaleups and despite making up just half a percent of the UK business population they generated around £1.3 trillion in turnover for the UK economy. Irene Graham OBE, ScaleUp Institute CEO explains why apprenticeships are so important for scaleups and scaling businesses.

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