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Presented by Lukwesa Burak

The specialists addressing healthcare inequalities

We all know that access to healthcare is plagued by inequalities, and this is especially true when it comes to lung disease. There are many ways this issue is being addressed by respiratory specialists. We look at what is being done to reduce the number of deaths from smoking, and how asthma care can be improved.

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Modern pathways of care

The Association of Respiratory Nurses (ARNS) plays a vital role in delivering specialist care to the population it serves. They work tirelessly to influence the direction of respiratory nursing, by leading, empowering and influencing modern pathways of care such as virtual wards for patients living with respiratory disease.

Providing rapid and precise testing

The pandemic emphasised the need for reliable and fast PCR tests in detecting infectious diseases, especially for clinically vulnerable patients. BioMérieux's Spotfire solution provides rapid and precise testing for multiple respiratory pathogens, reducing diagnostic uncertainty and enabling real-time patient care customisation.

Diagnosing, treating, and improving outcomes

For people with uncontrolled and severe asthma, life can be unpredictable and downright scary. NuvoAir has launched a comprehensive asthma home monitoring and support service designed to expand clinical capacity for diagnosing, treating, and improving outcomes for these high-risk patients.

Creating PDMIs with less environmental impact

Pressurised metered dose inhalers are relied upon by hundreds of millions of asthma and COPD sufferers worldwide, but their use is contributing to climate change. Recipharm and Honeywell have joined forces to address this issue, creating PDMIs with far less environmental impact.

Access to life enhancing therapy

Continuous positive airway pressure machines, also known as CPAPs, are crucial for the health of many people who suffer with sleep apnea but access to them in the UK can prove challenging. Sefam Medical are working to meet the demand with their technology driven CPAP products and software, allowing patients access to life enhancing therapy whilst also reducing the burden on healthcare professionals.

Improving therapy outcomes

More and more people are living with respiratory failure and sleep-related breathing disorders. Home healthcare specialists Vivisol are working with the NHS to take some of the strain from the hospital clinical teams by providing specialist support for patients in their own homes, resulting in improved therapy outcomes.

Thought leaders

Sarah Woolnough, CEO, Asthma + Lung UK

The UK has the second highest respiratory death rate in Europe. Sarah Woolnough, CEO of Asthma + Lung UK, discusses why this is, what's being done about it, and what more we should be doing

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Dr Paul Walker, Chair of the British Thoracic Society

Winter 2022-2023 was brutal for clinicians working in respiratory healthcare, and this winter could bring more of the same challenges. Dr Paul Walker, Chair of the British Thoracic Society, discusses measures that are being taken, and those that still need to be taken, to address the ongoing crisis in respiratory care.

Approved by the British Thoracic Society

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Lukwesa Burak

Lukwesa Burak is a news presenter and former weather presenter for BBC News in the UK. Previously, she worked for Al Jazeera English, Sky News and Africa Edition on eNCA, based in South Africa.

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