Engineering a Sustainable World

Presented by Lukwesa Burak

Inspiring the next generation of chemical engineers

Careers in engineering are interesting and varied but more younger people need to consider this as an option. We met with some young engineers on a visit to a school in Rugby to find out how they are inspiring the next generation.

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Decarbonising Bristol by 2030

Cities are major contributors to climate change, emitting substantial greenhouse gases and consuming a significant portion of the world's energy. Ameresco and Bristol City Council are working together on Bristol City Leap, a first-of-its-kind project which will increase green energy investment and help towards decarbonising the entire city by 2030.

Exploring polymer chemistry

There is an increasing need within the chemical industry for materials with a smaller carbon footprint, but ensuring regulatory and technical compliance is a complex business. Chemical Processing Services Ltd offers bespoke consultancy services in the field of polymer chemistry, providing support to a wide range of international companies.

Understanding emissions from the petrochemical sector

The petrochemical sector is accountable for a third of industrial energy use and for almost a fifth of global industrial CO2 emissions. C-THRU is a 3-year transnational multi-disciplinary research project aiming to understand the current and future emissions from the petrochemical sector and explore how interventions and innovations could minimise them.

Reducing carbon emissions from the plastics industry

When it comes to recycling, some plastics are more difficult to recycle than others and are often sent to landfill, incineration or are leaked into the environment. Mura Technology’s new process, HydroPRS converts waste plastics into virgin-grade, recycled hydrocarbons, creating a circular economy and significantly reducing carbon emissions from the plastics industry.

Exploring the largest single-site biorefinery in Europe

Materials, bio-based products, and energy derived from renewable biological material can reduce emissions in a huge number of ways. On the banks of the River Danube, Pannonia Bio operates the largest single-site biorefinery in Europe, manufacturing a host of products with environmental benefits to multiple industries.

Pioneering innovative products and technologies for sustainable progress

Sulzer Chemtech is a global leader in fluid engineering, known for pioneering innovative products and technologies for sustainable progress. They are encouraging their partners to involve them early in their separation technology processes, to achieve better efficiency and sustainable solutions. Patrick Farquet, who serves as the Global Director Sales, Business Development & Applications, Process Plants, Sulzer Chemtech, discusses with reporter Jonathan Gibson.

Equipping future chemical engineers

Chemical engineers are key to solving some of the worlds biggest issues and it's important to train the next generation with the right skills. At Swansea University's Department of Chemical Engineering, they focus on sustainability, research, and collaboration with industry, to equip future chemical engineers. Swansea University’s Dr Shirin Alexander and Dr James Courtney, discuss the importance of encouraging the next generation of chemical engineers, how students are supported at Swansea University, and how the university is focusing on sustainability.

The chemical engineers making a difference

IChemE President Nigel Hirst and chemical engineer, Ozzy Jegunma, discuss how chemical engineers are helping to engineer a sustainable world, why chemical engineering is a great career path for the next generation, and how IChemE is supporting its members to address the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Approved by IChemE.

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Lukwesa Burak

Lukwesa Burak is a news presenter and former weather presenter for BBC News in the UK. Previously, she worked for Al Jazeera English, Sky News and Africa Edition on eNCA, based in South Africa.

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