Farming a Greener Future

Presented by Duncan Golestani

The circular message of farming

Explore the role livestock can play in sustainable farming and how they can improve and maintain soils, as well as producing nutritious food. We visit organic sheep and arable farmer, John Pawsey, at his sheep farm in Suffolk to discuss the role livestock play as part of his arable rotation. While Professor John Gilliland from AHDB talks about the circular message of farming and the benefits of livestock.

Approved by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board

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Optimising the health of animals, people and the environment

Developed and funded by Boehringer Ingelheim. A proactive approach to managing the health and wellbeing of livestock contributes to our food security and safety. Boehringer Ingelheim works closely with vets & farmers across the industry, to help ensure no animal suffers from a preventable disease and to balance and optimise the health of animals, people and the environment.

Machinery to support agricultural needs

Farming processes are always evolving, and today a key focus for farmers is the impact on the climate and environment. Bobcat, whose agricultural roots date back to 1958, is working with customers to develop new technology that better supports their agricultural needs and forward-thinking goals

Empowering improved decisions on-farm

Enhancing biodiversity on farms through regenerative practices is just one of the ways that agriculture can have a positive impact across the globe. Cool Farm Tool, equips farmers with metrics to quantify and inform farm management plans, empowering them to make improved decisions, on-farm.

A sustainable farming industry

Sustainable farming has the potential to not only reduce the impact on the environment but create higher yields and healthier livestock. Platts Agriculture Limited are helping to create a more sustainable farming industry by turning manufacturing bi-product into multi-use animal bedding, creating a life cycle for both its suppliers and customers.

The role of livestock in our food system

AHDB’s Lead Nutritionist, Kate Arthur, discusses the work the organisation is doing, the role of livestock in providing food security, and how it can be produced in a sustainable way. Kate also shares how meat can have a role in a balanced diet, why people need greater awareness of where their food comes from, and the changes needed to the current food system to ensure it is not threatening the environment and human health.

Approved by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board

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Duncan Golestani

Duncan is a committed journalist working as a reporter for many years at the BBC and ITV, and is currently a presenter on ITV London News. Through his job as a reporter, he has been able to travel to different countries to report on a variety of issues.

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