Finance: Equity and Inclusion

Presented by Sangeeta Kandola

Fairer financial future for all

Innovation, technology and sustainability

We continue to live in an economically uncertain landscape, but through innovation, technology and putting people first, there are ways to create a more equitable and inclusive financial future. We met with FINTECH Circle’s CEO, Susanne Chishti who shares why equity and inclusion is so important in finance and how the sector can provide a fairer financial future through innovation, technology and sustainability.

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Contributing to the UK’s economy and growth

The UK is home to many of the world’s largest FinTech companies, and it’s growing sector. Fintechs companies are contributing to the UK’s economy and growth , from jobs creation to service provision. We met with Innovate Finance’s CEO, Janine Hirt to discuss show the UK should keep up the momentum.

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Benefiting borrowers and investors

Investing in prime property has traditionally been the preserve of the super-rich and multi-million-pound companies, while property developers have often struggled to find funding options. However, CapitalRise’s fintech platform is disrupting the old ways of financing luxury property developments, to the benefit of both borrowers and those looking to invest in high-end real estate.

Convenient and cost-effective

The subscription economy is thriving, as consumers seek more convenient and cost-effective ways to pay for products and services. Creditspring is a membership loan service that offers no-interest short-term loans for a fixed monthly fee. CEO Neil Kadagathur, discussed how they are helping their members, and what the future of lending looks like for Creditspring.

Seamless and transparent payments

Moving money across borders can be a slow and costly process for SMEs. Freemarket's platform offers businesses an accessible solution. Its integrated ecosystem and customer-centric approach provides access to seamless currency exchange and transparent international payments.

Delivering better outcomes for customers

Manually managing products and services can become a complex task in the financial sector due to being so heavily regulated. Kore Labs is using technology to support financial institutions, ensuring products are constantly monitored, freeing up employee's time and delivering better outcomes for customers.

Managing your money better

Digital technology not only grows the economy but it’s also an important part of how we make everyday payments. Mastercard is working closely with fintech companies to ensure that previously excluded and underrepresented individuals can use payments technology and tools to help manage their money better.

Flexibility and transparency

The subscription economy is growing at a rapid rate, but consumers are increasingly looking for more flexibility and transparency. Minna Technologies partners with top-tier banks, Fintechs and subscription businesses, helping them to drive engagement and improve the experience of over 50 million subscribers.

Building financial resilience

Most forecasts show that the pressure on consumers from the cost-of-living crisis will persist for some time. Zopa Bank, together with Clearscore, have developed the 2025 Fintech Pledge, a cross-industry coalition of partners with a goal to build up the financial resilience of UK consumers by 2025.

How fintech can make a difference

For most people fleeing conflict, persecution or environmental disaster, survival is their key priority, this can mean many refugees have no access to banks or financial services creating challenges ahead. The UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, works to help the millions of people forced to flee from their homes to build better futures. CEO of UK for UNHCR, Emma Cherniavsky, discusses the biggest challenges for refugees when it comes to financial services and how fintech can make a difference.

Approved by the UN Refugees Agency.

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