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Providing nutritious, delicious, and safe products for everyone

The UK is home to a food and drink manufacturing sector which is at the heart of all our lives and communities. When it comes to the nation’s health, innovating for healthier diets not only includes reducing calories, salt, sugar and fat from recipes, but also looking at what can be put in. The Food & Drink Federation brings together members and policy makers to enable manufacturers to invest in providing nutritious, delicious, and safe products for everyone.

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Protecting brands and consumers with compliant food labelling

Product development in the food and drink industry is thriving. Food labelling regulations play a key role in bringing safe products to market, but complying with these regulations is easy to get wrong - the consequences of which could cost someone their life. Global food regulatory experts, Ashbury, helps protect brands and consumers by making food labelling compliance straightforward. Zoe Jordan, CEO and Brigid McKevith Head of Regulatory Affairs, discuss the importance of labelling compliance, when in product development it should be considered and whether there is such a thing as too much information.

Reducing food waste with affordable prices

Food production accounts for a huge amount of greenhouse gas emissions, yet every year around a quarter of it goes to waste. Company Shop Group works with retailers, manufacturers and brands to reduce this. Its end-to-end model redistributes products, selling them at affordable prices and supporting communities in need throughout the UK.

Innovative products that are good for people and the world

From beans in your coffee, to cocoa, dairy, nuts and spices - these are all ingredients that many of us enjoy daily. Olam Food Ingredients, also known as ofi, works with farming communities across the globe to provide food brands with ingredients for a range of innovative products that are good for people and the world around us.

Investing in technologies, to help the livelihoods of communities and the environment

The food industry is facing many new challenges which means global food suppliers are having to adapt to an ever-changing landscape. Westfalia Fruit are addressing these challenges with strategies to strengthen the supply chain and investing in new technologies, to improve the livelihoods of communities whilst also protecting the environment.

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Keeping pace with a growing consumer demand

The food and drink industry has evolved greatly, due to technological advances and innovation, keeping pace with a growing consumer demand. But what is next on the horizon and how do we maintain a workforce that can navigate what's to come. IFE, International Food & Drink Event is the UK's largest event for product sourcing. Two of their speaks Mecca Ibrahim, Founder of Women in the Food Industry and Charles Banks co-founder of trend and foresight agency, thefoodpeople, discuss the evolution of the industry, top trends, and how the next generation can foster continuous innovation.

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Why the food and drink industry needs to collaborate

Innovation in the food and beverage sector needs to keep up with the urgent need to provide healthy and sustainable food for everyone, as consumers place more importance on their wellbeing and that of the planet. The Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) is calling for a collaborative approach to find solutions to the challenges our food systems face. Their Chief Executive, Tim McLachlan, shares how the food science and technology landscape has changed over the last 60 years, and the outlook for food policies in an ever changing industry.

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Chris Bavin

Chris has worked in the fresh produce industry selling fruit, veg, exotics and fresh cut flowers for over 20 years, before branching into media, working as a tv presenter and cook book author. His presenting experience includes programmes such as Eat Well for Less, Best Home Cook, and Food Truth or Scare.

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IFE, International Food & Drink Event 2024

The UK’s largest and most successful event for product sourcing for buyers from across the retail, foodservice, hospitality, wholesale, distribution, import and export sectors. With over 40 years heritage of delivering high quality and effective business connections, the event showcases new business opportunities, an opportunity to sample innovative products, and learn the latest trends from industry trailblazers.

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