Investing For Change: Our Global Impact

Presented by Lukwesa Burak

Imagining the Future of Investment

Against a backdrop of challenging economic, social, and political change, a focus on targeting investment goals beyond maximising profits and minimising risk has never been more important. We showcase organisations who are placing social impact at the heart of their investment strategy and applying non-financial factors into the investment process as a response to global challenges.

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Industry partners

Providing fair access to capital

Working with local financing partners, Advance Global Capital provide fair access to capital in underserved communities worldwide so that they have the credit they need to build their business. Find out more from them about their impact goals of financial inclusion, SME job creation and revenue growth, strong financial ecosystems and more economic opportunities.

Sustainable chemistry agriculture solutions

Eden Research produces sustainable biopesticides and plastic-free encapsulation technology for use in global crop protection, animal health and consumer product industries. Sean Smith, their CEO, spoke with Sharon Thomas about their latest developments in natural chemistry biopesticides and seed treatments, and how the company is a sustainable and environmentally friendly investment opportunity.

Creating prosperity for clients, communities, and people

QIC is a Queensland, Australia owned firm specialising in managing funds and infrastructure investments that aim to deliver positive outcomes for communities and environments in addition to financial returns. Andrew Sellick, Principle of Sustainability at QIC, discusses how the energy sector will be transformed, how QIC is improving client and community outcomes, and the ESG targets of their new and existing funds.

Investing in net-zero

Generating renewable energy is key to reaching net-zero, but are our current networks equipped to deal with the change? Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners is investing in grid infrastructure that will improve the national grid's capacity to take on renewables, better preparing for the transition to a decarbonised system.

Delivering net-zero commitments

When navigating the ESG waters it can be useful having a guiding hand. Stafford Capital Partners works with pension funds and their investment consultants to help pensions deliver on their net-zero commitments, whilst generating the best outcomes for their members and society.

Imagining the Future of Investment panel discussion

On the 12th December 2023, ITN Business hosted an exclusive panel discussion, reimagining the future of investment, at the London Stock Exchange. Hosted by presenter Lukwesa Burak, our panel guests discussed the need for transparency and innovation to enable business and the investment community to bring about change for good. Watch the panel in full.

Interviews with panellists

We spoke with our panellist individually to find out more about the work their organisations are doing.

Nick O’Donohue CMG, CEO, British International Investment

Approved by British International Investment.

Kieron Boyle, CEO, Impact Investing Institute

Approved by the Impact Investing Institute.

Jonathan Geldart, Director General, Institute of Directors

Approved by the Institute of Directors.

Jane Goodland, Group Head of Sustainability, LSEG

Approved by the London Stock Exchange Group.

Thanks to our partners

Also thanks to our panel guests

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