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Supporting people before and after surgery

The health and wellbeing of people living with arthritis and their ability to stay active and independent is at the heart of the work Versus Arthritis does. For people whose joints have deteriorated to such an extent, joint replacement surgery is often the only option. With long NHS waiting lists it’s more important than ever to keep patients fit and healthy ahead of their operation. Versus Arthritis have developed a new ‘surgery toolkit’ to help support before and after surgery. 

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Providing better outcomes

Conditions such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis are often seen as a natural part of the aging process, meaning many people are suffering in silence, unaware that help could be available. Researchers at Keele University are collaborating closely with patients and the NHS to test treatments, improve care and provide better outcomes. 

Understanding joint health

Deborah Alsina MBE, Chief Executive of Versus Arthritis addresses the many misconceptions surrounding arthritis, the physical, emotional and financial burdens the condition has on people, and the changes that need to take place to improve outcomes.

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Versus Arthritis

We are Versus Arthritis. We’re the 10 million people living with arthritis. We’re the carers, researchers, healthcare professionals, friends, parents, runners and fundraisers all united in our ambition to ensure that one day, no one will have to live with the pain, fatigue and isolation that arthritis causes. There are over 10 million people living with arthritis. That’s one in six, with over half of those living in pain every single day. The impact is huge as the condition slowly intrudes on everyday life – affecting the ability to work, care for a family, to move free from pain and to live independently. Yet arthritis is often dismissed as an inevitable part of ageing or shrugged off as ‘just a bit of arthritis’. We don’t think that this is OK. Versus Arthritis is here to change that.

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