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Presented by Louise Minchin

The charity helping to fight food poverty and social isolation

The soaring rise in food costs over the past few years has seen the most vulnerable in society being the hardest hit. We visit Be Enriched, the South London based charity, that provides not only freshly cooked, nutritious meals, but the chance to bring people together to enjoy the food.

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Positive change in the UK’s food supply

Improving sustainability and nutrition in our diets can go hand in hand. allmanhall is working to contribute to much needed positive change in the UK’s food supply. The food procurement organisation works with clients from schools to residential care to bring informed and transparent food supply throughout all stages of life. Louise Minchin spoke with Mike Meek, Procurement and Sustainability Director and Rachael Venditti, Registered Nutritionist and Business Development Manager, about the changes needed in our current food supply chain and how allmanhall is working with partners to make positive change happen.

How London Metropolitan University is tackling health inequalities

The cost-of-living crisis has seen a significant rise in food insecurity, with many low-income households making less nutritious food choices in order to survive. Through its health sciences courses and new cutting-edge facilities, London Metropolitan University is committed to supporting the local community and tackling health inequalities.

Community and good food helping residents living well in later life

People are living longer, and many are looking at how best to stay fulfilled in later life. At Riverstone, community is key. Residents aged 65 plus benefit from a thriving cultural calendar, sociable dining at communal restaurants and an active lifestyle guided by in-house wellbeing experts, whilst continuing to live independently in their own luxury apartments.

Providing nutrition and wellbeing support for the armed forces

Proper nutrition is crucial for staying strong, healthy and focused, and gives us the energy we need to keep active throughout the day. For the armed forces, this couldn’t be more important. Sodexo’s expertise has been supporting the British military for over 50 years, and as the future of military dining evolves, we explore how it is enhancing that support.

Bridging the fibre gap for all life stages

Fibre plays a vital role in our diets and brings a host of health benefits. But we’re not getting enough. Government guidelines recommend 30g a day but on average we are only eating 20. Tate and Lyle have been researching and developing ways to help bridge the fibre gap. We speak with their Global Head, Nutrition and Regulatory Affairs, Kavita Karnik about the different needs for fibre at different life stages and what is next in fibre research.

A trusted structure of traceability in food

Tracing the ingredients in the food we eat from farm to fridge can tell us a lot about its nutritional value. One of Ireland's leading food and nutrition specialists, Tirlán have developed a trusted structure of traceability in their grass-based farming system, producing quality ingredients with high levels of essential nutrients.

British Nutrition Foundation advises on nutrition for life

From infancy to later years, we know our diet affects our health, but with growing inequalities in accessing and affording healthy food, people are paying the price with their health. British Nutrition Foundation’s Nutrition Communications Manager, Bridget Benelam discusses how diet impacts children’s development, how people can make healthier choices, and the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on health inequalities.

Approved by the British Nutrition Foundation

Presented by

Louise Minchin

Louise is a well-known and respected broadcaster and journalist who presented BBC Breakfast for 20 years. She presents the BBC’s Triathlon coverage and has also guest presented 'The One Show' as well as a number of other national TV programmes. Louise is also the host of the top-rated podcast, 'Push Your Peak'.

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