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Presented by Duncan Golestani

100 years of the PLSA

Financial security for all

How do we all know if we are saving enough to provide an adequate pension in the years or decades to come? With inequalities in abilities to save, combined with a cost of living crisis, are we looking at a pension timebomb? The PLSA’s recent Parliamentary event looked at what changes are needed to create future financial security for all

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Better income in retirement

2023 marks 100 years of the Pensions and Lifetime Saving Association. We look at the role of the PLSA as a voice for the workplace pensions and savings sector – and how they work to help the UK's 30 million savers achieve a better income in retirement.

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Navigating change

Pensions law can be seen by some as a compliance burden. Arc Pensions Law aims to change that thinking. These lawyers believe understanding legal risk and making well informed decisions are at the heart of successful pensions governance. They see pensions law as the framework for navigating change in a way that supports and protects all parties.

Confidently plan your future

Retirement is changing, and for those preparing to retire in the future, the world of pensions may look very different to today. Aviva is supporting its members, with innovative solutions for different stages of retirement, using developments in technology to help people confidently plan for their future.

A social impact strategy

In the UK, there is a high demand for more social housing as the population grows, and the cost of rents rise. CBRE Investment Management is helping to provide solutions to these challenges through the Affordable Housing Fund which uses investments to create more affordable homes in areas of need, as well as providing a financial return for the investor.

An open and collaborative approach

Trust is a key component for any financial product, and pensions are no exception. The Cheviot Trust implements high standards of governance across all its pension schemes, which supports regulatory compliance and facilitates an open and collaborative approach with scheme sponsors.

In control of our financial future

Equiniti Retirement Solutions are committed to transforming the retirement and pensions markets, with leading administration and technology solutions that will help their client partners achieve their goals, whilst their specialist staff support those who need it most.

Best value for your savings

Whilst a tax efficient and flexible way to save, Defined Contribution, or DC, pensions often leave investors challenged with creating a sustainable retirement income. Franklin Templeton is determined to overcome this, by developing new solutions to help people get the best value out of their savings.

Improving data integrity

Having high quality, digitised data is becoming critical in the management and operation of pension plans. ISIO uses technology and specialist expertise to improve data integrity, enabling their pensions schemes to deliver the best experience and outcomes for their members.

Building financial confidence

Having a clear understanding of your entire financial world helps with planning a secure retirement. Technology from Moneyhub can provide people with easy access to all of their assets and liabilities in one place, empowering people with financial confidence, and helping to support their short and long-term money goals.

Investing in net-zero

Generating renewable energy is key to reaching net-zero, but are our current networks equipped to deal with the change? Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners is investing in grid infrastructure that will improve the national grid's capacity to take on renewables, better preparing for the transition to a decarbonised system.

Delivering net-zero commitments

When navigating the ESG waters it can be useful having a guiding hand. Stafford Capital Partners works with pension funds and their investment consultants to help pensions deliver on their net-zero commitments, whilst generating the best outcomes for their members and society.

Delivering cost-effective solutions

Workplace pension sponsors are faced with a multitude of options when choosing how best to secure pensions for their employees. TPT Retirement Solutions cater to that choice, by providing multiple types of pension schemes to best meet the needs of its employers and members.

Rethinking retirement plans

Research has found that 83% of employees are concerned that the cost of-living crisis will mean they will have to work longer before retiring and 33% think they won’t ever be able to afford to retire at all. Due to increasing costs, many people are having to rethink their retirement plans.

Celebrating 100 years

PLSA CEO, Julian Mund spoke with Duncan Golestani about the work the PLSA does, their 100 years of heritage, and their priorities for the future.

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Duncan Golestani

Duncan is a committed journalist working as a reporter for many years at the BBC and ITV, and is currently a presenter on ITV London News. Through his job as a reporter, he has been able to travel to different countries to report on a variety of issues.

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Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association

The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association is the voice of workplace pensions and savings. We represent pension schemes that together provide a retirement income to more than 30 million savers in the UK and invest more than £1.3 trillion in the UK and abroad. Our members also include asset managers, consultants, law firms, fintechs, and others who play an influential role in people’s financial futures. We aim to help everyone achieve a better income in retirement.

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