Securing Futures

Presented by Simon Thomas

Securing Futures

In a world faced with increasing uncertainty and risk, the insurance and long-term savings industry is committed to investing in communities and adapting in a changing climate, to secure futures across the UK. In this programme presenter Simon Thomas looks at the important work taking place across the sector and how life, protection and health insurers are supporting communities when the worst happens and help businesses to build a happy, thriving and productive workforce.

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Veterinary care for life

Pet insurance specialist, Agria, has supported animal welfare for over 130 years. In the UK, this means working closely with rescuers to support adopters and help rehomed pets access the right veterinary care for life.

Enabling the net zero transition

One of the UK's largest insurers, Allianz, is committed to sustainability and believes that collaboration is key to achieving climate goals. We explore the many ways they are helping tackle the climate crisis, including using recycled car parts for repairs.

Fun in the sun

Over 80% of us take out travel insurance before we head overseas, but according the Collinson Travel Insurance, many don’t fully understand what they are insured for.

The road to net zero

Car salvage company Copart upsells and recycles to repair written off vehicles through their own patented auction platform, helping insurers to avoid unnecessary waste whilst also meeting everyone's net zero goals.

Closing the protection gap

With Cytora’s technology, risk can be digitised, evaluated and routed for decision-making, enabling insurers to increase their capacity, while delivering exceptional service to brokers and customers.

Digital customer-led solutions

Insurtech is making massive waves in insurance. Companies such as connected car insurer Ticker, thanks to backing from Eos Venture Partners, are at the forefront of this disruption with digital, customer-led solutions in the driving seat as the industry advances.

The importance of transparency and trust

HDI Global are committed to forging deeper and more meaningful connections with their clients through shared values and delivering services that create sustainable and long-lasting value.

Thought leaders

Barry O’Dwyer, Group CEO, Royal London and President of the ABI

Reporter Robin Ross speaks with Barry O’Dwyer about the importance of long-term saving products, how the industry is helping with the cost of living crisis and the success of the ABI’s Pension Attention campaign

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Hannah Gurga, ABI Director General

Simon Thomas speaks with Hannah Gurga about the history of the ABI, how the industry can prepare for any future pandemic or similar large-scale events and what the ABI and its members are doing to ensure customers can be confident that their insurers will deliver when they are needed most.

Approved by ABI

Presented by

Simon Thomas

Presenter Simon Thomas is a well-known and respected British television presenter who worked on Blue Peter for six years, presented live Premier League football on Sky Sports from 2016 to 2018 and who has recently made his debut as the new lead presenter of Soccer Saturday. Simon is also a podcaster, author and President of Blood Cancer UK.

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The Association of British Insurers is the voice of the UK’s world leading insurance and long-term savings industry. A productive, inclusive, and thriving sector, we are an industry that provides peace of mind to households and businesses across the UK and powers the growth of local and regional economies by enabling trade, risk taking, investment and innovation. 

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