Sport is a cornerstone of the global economy, generating billions in revenue annually and creating countless jobs worldwide. As a thriving business sector, it not only fuels economic growth but also fosters innovation, drives investment, and shapes cultural identity, making it an integral part of the modern marketplace.

Sport: The Business Game will delve into the thriving ecosystem surrounding the sports industry, focusing on the key players who supply, support, and enable sports activities globally. From equipment manufacturers to technology innovators and logistics providers, and through case study led features the programme will highlight the network of organisations driving the business of sports forward. We will explore how these entities facilitate sports events and infrastructure, ensuring smooth operations and accessibility. With a spotlight on innovation, diversity, sustainability, and community impact, we will demonstrate the pivotal role these organisations play in shaping the future of sports.

There are commercial opportunities for leading organisations to be featured in the programme and spearhead their own news item. If your organisation wants to share what you stand for and be part of this important conversation about the business of sport, please contact Programming Directors Rams Bdesha and Jamie Connolly.