The Cyber Impact

Presented by Sharon Thomas

Viscount Camrose, Minister for AI and Intellectual Property

With the rise of online connections and enhanced cyber-criminal skills, cyber threats and attacks are steadily growing. Our programme explores what measures the UK is taking to safeguard itself against such threats, as well as what organisations are doing to shield themselves, and tackle the future cybersecurity challenges.

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Unparalleled threat intelligence

In an increasingly dynamic digital landscape, businesses and governments face formidable cyber challenges. BAE Systems Digital Intelligence stands ready with unparalleled threat intelligence, equipping its customers with essential insights to fortify resilience, enable decision advantage, and stay ahead of cyber-criminals.

Staying resilient against cyber threats

Cyber Security specialist, Espanaro is bringing its expertise from the defence & security industry into local manufacturing and small businesses across Wales and beyond. Their Founder and Director, Dan Edmunds, and Head of Cyber, Tom Abbot joined Sharon in the studio.

Thought leaders

Professor Simon Hepburn, CEO, UK Cyber Security Council

We speak to Simon Hepburn about the council’s key achievements in the last 12 months, what they are doing to try and plug the skills gap in the sector and the advice he would give someone looking to go into the cyber sector.
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Paul Foster, Head of the NCA’s Cyber Crime Unit

As cyber threats continue to proliferate, Paul Foster shares his invaluable perspectives on bolstering the UK’s law enforcement response.
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Nick Bell and Simon Newman

The National Cyber Resilience Centre Group is funded and supported by the Home Office, policing and Ambassador partners, and is set up to strengthen the reach of cyber resilience across the business community.
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Sharon Thomas

Sharon is a television journalist who has been working in the industry for twenty years. She can currently be seen on screen as a reporter and presenter in a variety of roles at ITN. Previously Sharon has worked for the BBC and Sky News, a number of radio stations and written for various publications.

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