Just like the world at large, the world of work shifts and changes over time, something that has never been more prescient than since the global COVID pandemic. For business and individuals to thrive it is critical for leaders and their HR professionals to be able to understand what the future of work might look like for individuals and the organisations where they work. Whether in an SME, a start-up or a multi-national business, HR professionals are key changemakers on any organisation.

Having a perspective on how workforces and workplaces can prepare for changes that are inevitable will enable HR leaders and their teams to cultivate success. ITN Business will showcase how HR professionals can stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the latest developments across the employment field, in ‘The Future of Work: People, Culture and Tech’.

There are commercial opportunities for leading organisations to be featured in the programme and spearhead their own news item. If your organisation wants to share what you stand for and be part of this important conversation, please contact ITN Business’ Programming Directors Charlotte Lenman and James Salver.