The Future of Work:
People, Culture, Tech

Presented by Duncan Golestani

What does the future of work hold?

Where, when and how will we be working, and with pension ages shifting, for how long? We hear from companies embracing workplace evolution for people, culture or technology and ask industry insiders what they feel workplace change will look like.

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Thriving, future-proof workplaces

The world of work post-pandemic is changing, with businesses facing challenges such as low employee engagement, quiet quitting, and career uncertainty. Gallup works with its clients to identify the specific problems they face and offers insight-led solutions to create thriving, future-proof workplaces.

Building adaptable strategies

Over the next two years, 65% of companies say they plan to increase their use of contingent workers, reflecting just one of ways our employment landscape is changing. Workforce management company Matrix is working with employers, suppliers and individuals to build adaptable strategies, that aim to shape a connected and future-facing employment ecosystem. Their CEO, Mark Inskip discusses their three-sided approach to workforce management, the biggest changes in the employment landscape and what the term 'squiggly careers' means.

Striking the balance between innovation and managing risk

For businesses, the rise of artificial intelligence presents opportunities and challenges, and with new UK legislation set to change how AI is regulated, employers need to be aware of the risks they may face. National law firm TLT works to support and advise businesses on how to strike the balance between innovation and managing risk. TLT's Gareth Oldale and Michelle Sally, share how legislation will affect business who have already implemented AI tools, lower-risk options for employers who want to implement AI and the biggest trends for the future of work over the next five years.

Better decisions, better results

Supporting the growth and success of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises is essential to creating a sustainable UK economy. Vistage is an executive coaching organisation working closely with SME leaders, guiding them to make better decisions, leading to better results.

Thought leader interviews

Cultural change in the workplace

Human Resources or People Teams are at the heart of cultural change in the workplace. CIPD’s Chief Executive, Peter Cheese, shares whether remote working can be seen as positive change, the long-term implications of AI in the workplace and the challenges that come with a multigenerational workforce.

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90,000 hours of our life

Work accounts for an estimated 90,000 hours over a lifetime, and workplace culture has a big impact on the level of wellbeing we experience for a significant part of our lives. Kester Brewin, Head of Communications at the Institute for the Future of Work, discusses wellbeing in the workplace, and whether AI will change the way we work for the better.

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Looking at mental health in the workplace

Cases of work-related stress and burnout in the UK are rising. Whilst companies are putting more focus on staff wellbeing, Mental Health UK says more needs to be done. Director of National Programmes, Deidre Bowen shares the difference between stress and burnout, whether there is still a stigma with mental health in the workplace and whether certain demographics are more prone to burnout.

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Supporting businesses to scale up

In business terms, scale-up companies punch above their weight in terms of growth to the UK economy. The ScaleUp Institute is a not-for-profit company that focuses on supporting UK businesses to scale up. CEO, Irene Graham, shares the challenges that entails in the current economic climate, both now and for the future.

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