The way we travel is changing. From reducing our carbon footprint to the desire for more meaningful and impactful experiences, both on a human and societal level. We will showcase the importance of this conscious evolution in future proofing travel and tourism, the advances in tech and innovation revolutionising the sector, and the operators putting sustainable, accessible and responsible tourism at the top of their agenda.

Transformational Travel will showcase how the sector is changing to meet net zero targets, the impact responsible tourism has on maintaining biodiversity and the technologies and innovations that are redesigning the customer expectation and experience. We will also share case study led stories of the impact more responsible travel has on communities and look ahead at what lies next for the industry. 

There are opportunities for leading companies to be featured in the programme and spearhead their own news items. We’re looking for organisations at the forefront of developments to take part and share their story. If this seems relevant to your work in the industry, then please contact ITN Business’ Head Programming Director, James Linden, or Isabella Sharp.