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The heart of asset management

The Institute of Asset Management is an international not-for-profit whose mission is to advance the discipline of asset management for the people and organisations involved in the acquisition, operation and care of physical assets. They also support businesses that provide services to asset-owning organisations. We attended the IAM North American Conference in Toronto to learn more about how realising value lies at the very heart of asset management.

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Ready for tomorrow

The maritime sector plays a key role in supporting the UK’s critical infrastructure. As the largest port operator in the country, Associated British Ports is committed to investing in our green industrial future. By both decarbonising its own operations and enabling large-scale energy transition projects, ABP is ensuring it is Ready for Tomorrow.

Water security for the future

With growth and the ongoing threat of climate change, providing water to the driest region in the UK poses a challenge. Anglian Water's Strategic Pipeline Alliance is a huge infrastructure project in the region addressing this. A network of pipes will enable the flow of water from wetter areas to those at risk of drought, providing water security for the future.

A whole-lifecycle approach

As an asset passes through its management lifecycle, value can be lost at each handover stage. AtkinsRéalis combats this by offering partners a whole-lifecycle approach. It provides expertise from top-level strategy to ground-level detail, underpinned by digital enablement and a global vision.

Maximising renewable energy production

As we move towards Net Zero, there is a growing demand for more affordable, sustainable, and reliable energy sources. Lightsource bp is helping to meet this demand by financing, developing and maintaining utility scale solar power assets globally and further identifying opportunities to maximise renewable energy production.

Keeping sustainability at the heart of operations

Private investment has a critical role to play in providing the infrastructure we need. At the same time, understanding environmental, social, and governance factors is challenging due to a lack of reliable data. Preqin empowers asset management professionals in private markets to make informed choices that align with their return expectations, while keeping sustainability at the heart of their operations.

How asset management is evolving

As President of the Institute of Asset Management, Christian Roberts knows that the practice has entered a new era that goes way beyond the logging and tracking of physical assets in a spreadsheet. We sat down with him to learn more about the ways in which asset management is evolving to keep pace with a rapidly changing world by unlocking stakeholder value.

Approved by the Institute of Asset Management

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Lukwesa Burak

Lukwesa Burak is a news presenter and former weather presenter for BBC News in the UK. Previously, she worked for Al Jazeera English, Sky News and Africa Edition on eNCA, based in South Africa.

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The Institute of Asset Management (the IAM) is the international professional body for asset management professionals. The IAM develops asset management knowledge and best practice and generates awareness of the benefits of the asset management discipline for the individual, organizations and wider society. Established in 1994, the IAM currently has over 2000 Individual and 300 Corporate Members and a network of over 30,000 people globally.

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