A landmark study has revealed that global immunisation endeavours have saved an estimated 154 million lives over the past 50 years*, equivalent to 6 lives every minute, with 101 million of those being infants. Vaccines serve as vital tools in combating infectious diseases and bolstering societal resilience.

‘Vaccines: Protecting Global Health’ will explore the crucial role of vaccines in preserving public health worldwide. Highlighting scientific advancements in research & technology, historical milestones, and ongoing challenges, the programme will shed light on the profound impact of immunisation on global welfare. Anchored by Duncan Golestani the programme will launch on the 10th of December, to coinciding with the World Health Organization’s 50th anniversary of the Expanded Programme on Immunisation (EPI), featuring insights from The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) and the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA).

There are commercial opportunities for leading organisations to be featured in the programme and spearhead their own news item. If your organisation wants to share what you stand for and be part of this important conversation about protecting global health, please contact ITN Business’ Head of Healthcare Programming Georgia Gerstein.

*Source: World Health Organization