Women’s Health: The Future We Deserve

Presented by Louise Minchin

The future of women’s healthcare for generations to come

In 2022, Professor Dame Lesley Regan, Chair of Wellbeing of Women, was appointed as the UK Government’s first ever Women’s Health Ambassador for England. For International Women’s Day 2024, she discusses the progress of the Women’s Health Strategy for England, how we address inequalities within the larger context of the gender health gap and the greatest impact on reducing it.

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Driving change and creating open cultures in the workplace

83% of women experiencing women's health issues are impacted financially, and the overall impact on the UK economy is significant. AXA Health supports businesses in the role they play in helping to reduce risks for women – driving change, creating open cultures in the workplace and offering support for employees.

Raising awareness of healthcare disparities

Developed and funded by Besins Healthcare. Women can experience the menopause differently, with research indicating that women may encounter barriers when seeking healthcare services. Besins Healthcare UK is committed to raising awareness of healthcare disparities for women and providing support throughout their individual journeys.

Access to prompt specialist care

Endometriosis is a painful inflammatory condition that affects around 1.5 million women in the UK. It takes an average of 8 years to diagnose, despite GP and hospital visits. GE Healthcare's innovative ultrasound equipment allows improved detection of the most severe cases, without laparoscopy, speeding up access to prompt specialist care.

The need for continued support

For many people who have completed active treatment for breast cancer, adjusting to the new-normal can be a challenge. Novartis, alongside charity partners, clinicians and patients, are raising awareness of the need for continued support to help people with ongoing physical, social, mental, and professional impacts. This disease awareness segment is developed and funded by Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd. UK | February 2024 | 416397

Supporting and growing representation of women

The IT sector is typically male dominated, but over the years, Softcat has been committed to supporting and growing its representation of women. Through its employee networks, the company provides safe spaces for open conversation, along with the opportunity to challenge and propose improvements that can be made for now and the future.

Supporting the health needs of women

Developed and funded by Theramex. Across the UK, women are experiencing inequities in their access to quality healthcare. Key factors contributing to this include ethnicity, geography and socioeconomic status. Theramex UK is dedicated to supporting the health needs of women, advocating for those affected by health inequity, and addressing bias in healthcare settings. THX_UK_EN_16978_v1; DOP: March 2024

Thought leaders

Fighting for menstrual equity

It may come as a surprise to learn that not everyone who menstruates has access to period products, because of cost or because of cultural stigma around this natural, biological process. Rachel Grocott is CEO of Bloody Good Period, a small but mighty charity fighting for menstrual equity, so that no person is disadvantaged by their period.

Approved by Bloody Good Period.

The signs and symptoms of breast cancer

Charity CoppaFeel! is on a mission to ensure that all breast cancers are diagnosed early and correctly by encouraging people of any gender to check their chests regularly. They educate young people on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, and empower them to seek professional medical advice and advocate for their health if they notice anything that's not normal for them.

Approved by CoppaFeel!

Providing people with information and support

Estimates indicate that around half of women over the age of 50 will suffer an osteoporosis-related fracture. These can be seriously debilitating, and can sometimes even lead to premature death. The Royal Osteoporosis Society is working to change this, by providing people with information and support, by funding research, and by helping to shape practice and policy at every level.

Approved by the Royal Osteoporosis Society.

The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge

It has been said that exercise is good medicine. MOVE Against Cancer is a charity that was set up to inspire and support the estimated 3 million people in the UK living with cancer to keep moving during their treatment and beyond.

Approved by MOVE Against Cancer.

Funding breakthrough discoveries for women’s health

Many of us are aware that women’s healthcare is seriously underfunded. Over the past sixty years Wellbeing of Women has spent more £65 million supporting research into women’s reproductive and gynaecological conditions, leading to several breakthrough discoveries for women’s health.

Approved by Wellbeing of Women.

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Louise Minchin

Louise is a well-known and respected broadcaster and journalist who presented BBC Breakfast for 20 years. She presents the BBC’s Triathlon coverage and has also guest presented 'The One Show' as well as a number of other national TV programmes. Louise is also the host of the top-rated podcast, 'Push Your Peak'.


Women’s Health: The Future We Deserve

Why aren’t women believed when they present with medical concerns? The historical notion that women are “hysterical” seems to have fed into a modern problem that comes up time and again: medical gaslighting. Join us as Dr Nighat Arif discuss…

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