As we saw throughout the pandemic, and more recently through volatile events in the Red Sea, the shipping industry sits at the heart of world trade, and impacts our lives and global economies in countless ways.

The volume of trade that’s moved by sea is an astonishing 80-90 percent, including everything from crops and food produce, to furniture and cars. Toys, books, medicines, oils, animal feed, appliances, machinery, the list goes on; so much of the world relies on our seas and our ships, and there’s a huge amount at stake when the industry is affected by outside factors, such as piracy, climate change, and geopolitical unrest.

ITN Business has produced a series of short films in partnership with BIMCO, including ‘Ships Make the World Go’, aimed at tackling the lack of understanding of the maritime sector and to celebrate the remarkable achievements of the industry that so often go unacknowledged.

SHIPS MAKE THE WORLD GO’: Watch the 2-minute film

Paid content: This film is produced by the ITN Business commercial team and is not created by ITN news staff journalists. Approved by BIMCO.

David Loosley, Secretary General and CEO of BIMCO, said the film aims to celebrate the shipping industry as a force for good in the world.

“We have specifically made this an industry film, not a BIMCO film, very much hoping our colleagues around the world and outside the sector see this as an educational tool that they can push the message out there.”

 “If it can affect the global public, if we can do some work to explain the importance of what we do, and in turn influence regulators, I think we’ll be in a better place.”

Announcing our 2024 programme: ‘Navigating the Future of Shipping’

ITN Business will produce a news style programme, Navigating the Future of Shipping, to be launched on 8th October 2024 around the UK Chamber of Shipping’s first ever annual conference in London.

According to UNCTAD (UN Conference on Trade and Development) the global maritime industry is responsible for facilitating over 80% of the world’s trade, but also generates 3% of greenhouse gas. How the industry will thrive in the future will be shaped by several global macro factors, such as co-operation on climate change and geopolitical stability, but also by the pace of technological uptake by those working in the industry.

Our programme will feature editorial contributions from senior opinion leaders from BIMCO, and will explore how innovation and technology are playing a vital role in the shipping industry, helping it to address the challenges and opportunities of the global maritime sector.

Shipping in numbers 

  • The distance a supertanker travels per year is the equivalent to three times around the earth
  • We are served by over 61,000 ships
  • There are around 1.7 million seafarers globally
  • Shipping accounts for around 2-3% of global greenhouse gas emissions
  • There are 6,000 ports worldwide
  • The sea covers 70% of our planet


There are commercial opportunities for leading organisations to be featured in the programme and spearhead their own news item. If your organisation wants to share what you stand for and be part of this important conversation, please contact ITN Business’ Head Programming Director James Linden and Programming Director Jeff Blackmore.