As part of our EdTech: Innovating Teaching and Learning programme, we sat down with Julia Garvey, the Deputy Director General at BESA (British Educational Suppliers Association) and Computing and EdTech Advisor, Martin Bailey, to discuss the importance of an effective digital strategy to aid the successful use of technology within the classroom.

In the interview, Martin explains the importance of schools using their budgets wisely, in alignment with an overarching digital strategy.


Julia Garvey shares what’s exciting her most about EdTech — which isn’t necessarily the new tech and AI, but different opportunities that are emerging within existing technologies, such as improving access to education in certain areas of the world, or for children where extra educational support is needed.

“The thing that we’re most excited about is using existing technologies[…] to provide access to the curriculum for all. That could be getting education out to remote areas; it could be providing schooling for children in Turkey, when there was the earthquake last year…  or in this country, solutions for SEND pupils.”  – Julia Garvey


Presenter and interviewer, Georgie Barrat.

Approved by BESA