In the UK there are an estimated 3.5 million people of all ages living with chronic kidney disease, with many millions at risk of developing the condition.

As part of ITN Business’ programme Understanding Kidney Health, we spoke to Maddy Warren, who has an autoimmune condition which attacks the kidneys, and had a failed kidney transplant at age 19. She has been dialysing at home for nearly 25 years.

Maddy has inspired many people living with kidney disease; here she discusses her journey and how home dialysis has changed her life.

“It has taught me to grab life every single day, push myself, try new experiences, seek out adrenaline… So, I was the first woman on dialysis to complete the London Marathon, which I did in 2018, on my 20th year on dialysis…”

Watch the interview, and then head to our Understanding Kidney Health programme page to explore innovations, patient stories, and discover the vital work being done by the National Kidney Federation.