AI is revolutionising the way education connects and collaborates, enhancing and having a positive impact on both teachers and learners. Bett, the world’s biggest EdTech event, is committed to bringing together EdTechs, educators and policymakers.

In ITN Business’ interview with Steve Shakespeare from Intel, we explore some of the benefits these collaborations can have.

The UK Country Manager for Intel, Bett’s Global Innovation partner, explains how the business is looking to democratise and expand AI use within education, while sharing details of some of the company’s new training programmes, such as ‘AI for Youth’ and ‘Skills for Innovation’, as well as their new AI PC.

“We’ve built a number of training programmes[…] that educators can use to help educate their students on AI, to demystify what that means, and take away some of the fear of that… and really help them see the opportunity that it presents for them in the future.”

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